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Jones Electronic Technologies (JET) is a division of Jones Carbonation and Fuel Injection, a company with 28 years of experience in the Performance Tuning Business. Our fuel system divisions has years of tuning expertise. As a result we have had the privilege to tune everything from NHRA drag race cars, off road race trucks and Winston Cup cars to every day performance street applications.

Stock engines leave a lot to be desired, especially when truck performance parts upgrades to existing intake systems are so affordable and easy to install.

Choose from chips, modules, and other engine electronics to increase your fuel economy and unleash your hidden horsepower potential.

See our selection of Gauges, ranging from OEM replacements, to specialized digital Gauges.

All the parts that make up your intake system.

No matter if it's a stock rebuild or a performance build we have theCranks, Rods, and bottom end components to get it done!

all the Pulleys, Belts & Accessories to keep things running correctly under the hood.

Whether you’re looking for hard-to-find replacement parts, or looking to give your transmission a huge upgrade, we have all the essential transmissions parts as well as complete assemblies.

We have a wide selection or larger capacity radiators and oil; coolers to keep your high performance or tow vehicle cool for the long haul.