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Daystar Winch Accessories

In an ideal world, you would never have the need for a winch, but we all know that sooner or later you′re bound to be off-roading somewhere and need help getting out of a situation. When this happens, winch accessories such as the Daystar nylon winch rope roller can be incredibly helpful. Plus, winch accessories for day-to-day highway driving can put a stop to an annoying rattle and ensure your winch is extra secure.

  • Winch Isolators
    Secure your Winch Hook with a Daystar Winch Isolator

    Daystar′s Winch Isolators provide a clean and easy way to store the winch hook when not in use. Installed over the winch cable, the Winch Isolators nest with a roller or hawse fairlead and provide a convenient rest for the winch hook that also prevents it from rattling. They do not affect winch operation and are constructed of a durable polyurethane material. Installation is a snap: simply remove the winch hook, slide the cable through the winch isolator, and re-attach the hook…it′s that simple!

  • D-Ring Isolator

    When you′re driving on the highway, avoid any annoying rattle by installing a D-ring isolator, which will isolate the shackle and keep it from banging against your bumper. This also prevents it from inflicting any scratches and ruining the finish of the bumper. These winch accessories can be installed/removed in just a couple of minutes and they come in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your vehicle.

  • Daystar Nylon Winch Rope Roller

    Upgrading to synthetic, nylon rope is an excellent choice since it is quickly becoming a standard for winches. However, most of the time, nylon rope is not compatible with standard steel rollers and will cause abrasions and chafing. Daystar rope rollers are the simple way to avoid this. Made of a smooth polyurethane material, these winch accessories are virtually unbreakable and will withstand whatever kind of force the winch can dish out.