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The off-road Grabber family has a variety of sizes and is designed to perform on the highway and streets with engineered rugged good looks and race-proven performance. General tires are a popular brand for trucks and SUVs because they are made for off-roading. They have long been known as a premium truck tire manufacturer and innovator. Their tires can be found on commercial vehicles, trucks, and passenger vehicles. The Grabber series, in particular, features all-terrain tires for SUVs, Jeeps, and light trucks for off-roading adventures. Deflection ribs in the tires protect the upper sidewall to deflect debris while the three-ply construction resists punctures, chips, and cuts. The tires are designed to maintain even tread wear, suppress sound waves to decrease road noise, and have sidewall protectors.

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For mud terrain, there is the Grabber X3 series of General mud tires. These are tires that can be used off-road and on the street. They are made to be durable and have an open tread design that allows for high traction in dirt, mud, gravel and sand. The pattern has evacuation channels that reduce the amount of tire cleaning you need to do. The tires also feature bumpers that keep stones and other debris out of the large grooves.

Other General truck tires include the high-performance Grabber UHP, which are all-season tires that work well in dry and wet conditions. There is also the Grabber AT2 for ATVs that provide superior traction and work well on paved roads and for off-roading. For those who ride their rigs on rough highway terrains, the Grabber HTS all-season tires provide more quiet, comfortable rides through their balance tread cushioning system.

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  • General Tire - Tires - by Trans American Wholesale General Tires Grabber

    The new off-road addition to the Grabber family, the General Grabber DOT-approved off-road tire comes in a variety of sizes and is designed to perform on the highway and streets as well is engineered with rugged good looks and race-proven performance. A tough, three-ply reinforced body construction and a race-proven Duragen tread compound is designed to stand up to the rigors of off-road as well as highway conditions. General Grabber’s optimized tread design and multiple tread edges work to deliver great side bite and lateral traction. General has engineered the Grabber with what it calls AMST – Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology – a sound wave suppression technology that works to reduce road tires noise. The Grabber DOT-approved off-road tire comes in a variety of sizes and is designed to perform on the highway and streets as well.

  • General Tire - Tires - by Trans American Wholesale General Tires Grabber AT2

    General’s newest All Terrain features a five-row lug pattern with strategically-placed sipes that result in many biting edges. Computer-optimized contouring gives the Grabber AT2 a wider, flatter tread contour with a squared shoulder, enhancing performance and aggressive good looks. Features a 5-row tread pattern with multiple traction edges that have an extra-deep tread pattern and Highly-engineered acoustics. Exceptional traction over all terrains. Aggressive self-cleaning tread pattern enhances off-road and wet traction capabilities. With 44 sizes, in 14 to 20-inch rim diameters and Q through H speed ratings, the Grabber AT2 tire is available for most light truck applications.

  • General Tire - Tires - by Trans American Wholesale General Tire Grabber HTS

    The General Tire Grabber HTS has the synergy of comfort, durability and performance. With ultra-high strength steel belts, micro-fiber casing reinforcements and a broad tire contour; Response Grooves, Stabilink Bars and three kinds of siping. But with a comfort Balance tread cushioning system and noise-capturing pockets that have an eco-Ride for the latest generation fuel efficient tire compound. This tire is born from competition but adapted for the highway, where this technology provides even treadwear for longer mileage and confidence in challenging conditions.

  • General Tire - Tires - by Trans American Wholesale General Tire Grabber UHP

    The General Tire Grabber UHP is a bold ultra-high performance all-season light truck, crossover and SUV tire is designed for excellent handling and traction in both wet and dry conditions. With the second generation silica tread compound and V-Shaped directional tread with grooves from center to shoulder this tire helps deliver excellent handling, braking, and traction in all conditions. The flat belt contour, shallow slots and increased tread depth in shoulder area work together to deliver even wear and extended tread life. Advanced sound reduction technology and continuously varying groove angles that help assure an incredibly quiet and comfortable ride.

  • General Tire - Tires - by Trans American Wholesale General Tire Grabber X3

    General Tire's new mud-terrain tire line delivers outstanding off-road performance, coupled with strong street manners. Grabber X3 offers aggressive styling and is engineered for durability, with innovative performance features. A series of deflection ribs to protect the upper sidewall area. Objects are deflected away to protect penetration into the sidewall. Three-ply construction on all sizes provides race-proved durability and puncture resistance. Robust compound gives excellent cut and chip resistance. Ultra high-strength steel belts ensures even footprint for confident stability. Bumpers help release stones and debris from the large deep grooves, protects the groove bottom and minimizes stone drilling. Added gauge improves puncture resistance. Aggressive, open pattern for high traction in mud, dirt, sand and gravel. Evacuation channels all for quick and efficient self-cleaning action. Each individual pitch length helps to minimize tread generated noise on the street. Remarkably quiet and comfortable for the street and aggressively talented for off-road terrain. The open pattern increases traction with many gripping surfaces and edges, arranged at multiple angles for grip in every direction. Optimized placement of the sipes to provide impressive wet street & snow performance. Sipes are full depth to maintain grip throughout the tire's life.