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Dick Cepek Tires by TransAmerican Wholesale

Transamerican Wholesale is pleased to offer Dick Cepek truck tires, which is an aggressive line of truck tires that does not fail to bring superior quality and performance.

Product in this category

  • Wholesale Dick Cepek Tires at Transamerican Wholesale-WS4 Dick Cepek Extreme Country

    The Dick Cepek Extreme Country has a proven compound with an extra tread depth that provides excellent traction and long life. The two-ply next generation High Tensile (HT) Body Ply Cord enhances sidewall strength without adding weight, rolling resistance, heat buildup or ride harshness. With a wide outer void and angled shoulder scallops the Extreme Country will provide the ultimate in off-road traction and self-cleaning ability. Tighter inner void surface area tread elements provide greater contact area for better handling and a quieter ride with improved cut and chip protection. The EXTREME COUNTRY is mud and snow (M+S) rated.

  • Wholesale Dick Cepek Tires at Transamerican Wholesale-WS4 Dick Cepek Radial Fun Country

    The Dick Cepek Fun Country Tire was developed using a unique combination of design elements, technology and engineering to deliver excellent off-road traction with a quieter ride and superior durability for the light trucks and 4x4's of today. With wide lateral and offset tread grooves working together with the larger surface area help to deliver excellent grip and responsiveness for off-road traction. Stone ejector ribs and ultra-thin sipes help to resist stone retention and cracking. Also notched shoulder edges, scalloped ribs and an enhanced buttress design for maximize off-road traction. Computer optimized pitch sequence in the tread design reduces pattern noise for a quieter ride and even wear. This tire is equipped with deep, aggressive, multi-dimensional sidebiters for grip and protection.

  • Wholesale Dick Cepek Tires at Transamerican Wholesale-WS4 Dick Cepek Radial Trail Country

    If you are looking for a true all-terrain tire with a unique tread design, aggressive off-roading capabilities, something that gives you confident highway control and balanced performance in any weather? The Dick Cepek Trail Country is the tire for you. With an updated tread pattern to tackle tough off-road terrains while providing superior performance and handling. This tire has deep aggressive sidebiters that give you a multi-dimensional grip protection and traction. Multi-draft grooves for self-cleaning and improved wear. The buttress design with alternating shoulder scallops gives the Trail Country an aggressive look and increases the off-road traction of the tire.