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Transamerican Wholesale stocks the hottest and newest truck and Jeep tires such as Pro Comp, Super Swamper, BFGoodrich, Mickey Thompson, and more. In addition to truck & Jeep tires, Transamerican Wholesale carries a full selection of ATV tires.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Pro Comp Tires - Jeep & Truck Tires

    With truck tires in all terrain and mud terrain designs, Pro Comp truck tires offer performance in any situation, making them some of the best truck tires around. Pro Comp tires ability to anticipate industry trends, technology and launching sizes, will lead ahead of other tire manufacturers and remain the leader in tire innovations. If the tiny little factory wheels that came on your Jeep or off-road rig just aren’t cutting it, we get you, which is why we sell heavy duty, off-road tires from top brands such as Pro Comp, BFGoodrich and Super Swamper Mud Boggers. With tires actually designed to truck through the muck, you can do more, go farther and worry less. If you’re ready to beef up your rig with a set of Pro Comp tires made specifically for your Jeep, shop our collection at 4 Wheel Parts now.

    Your Rig’s Tires Affect Its Performance
    It’s a feel-good feeling to drive off the car lot in a brand-new Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee or some other rugged rig, but the truth is that no matter how good that feeling it, it isn’t quite perfect. What is? The feeling of driving away on brand-new, all-terrain Jeep off-roading tires.

    Tires are often an overlooked component of any vehicle, overshadowed by the engine and other powertrain components. Yet, your tires are your rig’s first point of contact with the trail, and they affect how much influence you have over your ride. When you’re out on the trails or cruising the dunes, the last thing you want to do is lose control. The ideal tires are the right tread, width, rigidity, pressure and diameter not just for your vehicle, but for your off-road destination. You can’t get custom tires like that from the lot. No, you need to shop at 4 Wheel Parts for the custom parts you need to improve your ride.

    Increase Your Influence With the Right Set of Tires
    Whether you need 35-inch off-road tires or 35-inch all-terrain tires and 17-inch rims to go with them, we have what you need to beef up your rig and make it off-road read. Increase your influence behind the wheel and invest in a set of all new tires from today. Shop now to get the lowest prices around, guaranteed.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Bf Goodrich Tires - Jeep & Truck Tires

    BFGoodrich’s series of truck tires features top-tier quality and performance. For premium truck tires from a trusted brand, BFGoodrich truck tires lead the pack. p>Your obsession with the best tires for your rig is a good thing. The right tires for your Jeep or truck can carry you through some rugged stuff, whether it is snow, rain, mud, rock or sand. They give you the traction you demand on slippery surfaces and increase directional stability in extreme conditions. So whether you need all-terrain, mud-terrain, street, sport or super sport we have the BFGoodrich tires you need at 4 Wheel Parts to make your off-road experience better.

    BFGoodrich Tires Beef Up the Ride
    We stock a large selection of BFGoodrich 18 inch tires that include different tread types so you can match the tire to your driving style and surface. For that distinctive look, our BFGoodrich tire sale includes side walls that are straight black or with a trio of white lettering styles. In the world of off-road performance, you are judged by the look and quality of your rig’s tires, so get the best tires to get you over the mountain, or across the washout.

    We are proud to carry BFG tires and BFGoodrich merchandise to take your off-road and street riding to the maximum level. When it comes to tire width, we stock 35x11.5x15 tires and many other options in sizing. All tires are universal fit, so they will slip onto your Jeep or truck without any worries. For quality, backed by the legendary name of BFGoodrich, shop a super selection of tires at 4 Wheel Parts.

    Passionate Service
    When you order parts and tires from us, you get service from Jeep and truck experts who are passionate about off-road culture. We help you find the correct part to make your experience behind the wheel standout. Our 100 percent price match guarantee makes sure you aren’t paying extra for any part. Order today from 4 Wheel Parts and rev up your next ride.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Mickey Thompson Tires

    Mickey Thompson truck tires infuse passion for creating the perfect truck tires into their premium line of off road tires renowned for quality, toughness, and reliability. A great selection of traditional and specialty light truck sizing, high load rating, deeper tread, wider footprints, great ride characteristics , and great towing capability are just a few of the things that make Mickey Thompson light truck products better than the competition.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Super Swamper Tires

    Professional-grade Super Swamper truck tires shred through terrain, offering traction that can be seen in the aggressive design of each Super Swamper truck tire.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Jeep & Truck Tires - Dick Cepek

    Dick Cepek truck tires are synonymous with the off-road industry thanks to their line of aggressive truck tires that never fail to deliver superb quality and performance. Your rig may seem majestic, but the truth is that there is very little magic about it. Your Jeep is comprised of some of the most state-of-the-art systems and components available in the car manufacturing industry, which is why they are stronger, more durable and all around more capable than many other vehicles on the road. One state-of-the-art system that makes its home in your rig is the ignition system, replete with wires, plugs, coils and all.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Toyo Tires

    With a vaunted reputation in racing tires, Toyo takes race-inspired designs and applies them to truck tires, resulting in quality truck tires with superb performance.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Nitto Tires

    After spending years of perfecting the race tire, Nitto infuses a race-inspired design into mud and all terrain truck tires that are some of the best truck tires around.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Goodyear Tires - Jeep & Truck Tires

    Though mostly known for street tires, Goodyear also knows truck tires. We carry a full lineup of everything from all terrain truck tires, to aggressive mud terrains. It’s not difficult at all to get carried away with tires. When your tires fit the conditions of the street and the off-road terrain, they can propel you to new heights, literally and figuratively. Good tires add safety and security to every outing, and they give you legitimate confidence in extreme conditions, whether that is mountain, desert, forest or hill country. Goodyear manufactures a full line of tires to meet your every need.

    Tires for Every Occasion
    Goodyear mud tires are designed to give your rig maximum traction as you power through the thick mud. With deep tread depths, Kevlar materials and Duratrac technology, Goodyear makes dozens of tires that excel in muddy terrain. They are available in all sizes, look great with sidewall lettering or basic black, and easily install on all Jeep and truck models. Goodyear off-road tires enhance and upgrade the experience of going off the pavement and into the backcountry.

    Goodyear pickup tires upgrade traction on all surfaces and safeguard against hydroplaning so long as tread depth is good. All-terrain Goodyear tires are versatile and the perfect choice if you frequently ride on changing surfaces. They perform well on the blacktop and in many off-road conditions. Goodyear Wrangler off-road tires are stocked at 4 Wheel Parts in many sizes, styles and price ranges. We offer tires to fit any budget.

    The Best Selection at Super Prices
    No matter what tires you crave for your rig, we carry them at 4 Wheel Parts. With discounts, rebates, free and fast shipping and solid warranties, there is no need to shop anywhere else for tires. We offer a 100 percent price match guarantee, so if you find a better advertised price anywhere else, we will refund you the difference. Our customer service professionals can answer questions on tires, wheel and other parts to ensure your satisfaction. Order now from 4 Wheel Drive.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Maxxis Tires - Jeep & Truck Tires

    Known and trusted by billions of customers around the world, Maxxis offers high-quality tire products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, and lawn and garden care. Maxxis distributes its products in approximately 170 countries and employs more than 22,000 people. Creating and retaining lifelong customers has been instrumental in Maxxis’ steady growth. Prepare your Jeep or truck to drive on off-road terrain or under tough conditions with Maxxis tires. These tires are designed for top performance on and off of the road. Choose a tire design based on your typical terrain and driving style and prepare for an enhanced experience. 4 Wheel Parts has low prices on popular designs such as Maxxis mud tires, including the original Maxxis Razr MT tires and Maxxis truck tires. You can also order trailer tires. Be sure to factor in the size of your wheels and order a set of four replacement tires or five with a spare.

    Maximize Your Tires’ Potential
    If you enjoy off-road driving or bogging you may want tires designed for these activities. These tires tend to perform best off-road at lower pressures. In addition to purchasing specialized tires, you may also want to consider a method for quick and easy deflation at the trailhead and a portable air compressor. 4 Wheel parts has everything you need to make sure that your tires are ready to go.

    Select Your Maxxis Model
    We stock a wide selection of Maxxis tires. Order tires with mud tread such as Maxxis Razr MT or off-road competition or racing tires designed for performance on different types of terrain. Narrow down your options based on size or tread design to make it easier to find and order the right tires for your rig.

    Get Major Deals
    4 Wheel Parts has low prices on tires designed for off- and on-road performance. Search or browse our catalog by brand, tire size or tread style to find tires that fit your vehicle and driving style. There’s no need to comparison shop before buying. If you find the same tires for less within 90 days of ordering, we’ll refund the price difference. Count on our huge inventory, quick shipping and free in-store pick up.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale General Tire

    The off-road Grabber family has a variety of sizes and is designed to perform on the highway and streets with engineered rugged good looks and race-proven performance. General tires are a popular brand for trucks and SUVs because they are made for off-roading. They have long been known as a premium truck tire manufacturer and innovator. Their tires can be found on commercial vehicles, trucks, and passenger vehicles. The Grabber series, in particular, features all-terrain tires for SUVs, Jeeps, and light trucks for off-roading adventures. Deflection ribs in the tires protect the upper sidewall to deflect debris while the three-ply construction resists punctures, chips, and cuts. The tires are designed to maintain even tread wear, suppress sound waves to decrease road noise, and have sidewall protectors.

    Choose the Tire That Meets Your Needs
    For mud terrain, there is the Grabber X3 series of General mud tires. These are tires that can be used off-road and on the street. They are made to be durable and have an open tread design that allows for high traction in dirt, mud, gravel and sand. The pattern has evacuation channels that reduce the amount of tire cleaning you need to do. The tires also feature bumpers that keep stones and other debris out of the large grooves.

    Other General truck tires include the high-performance Grabber UHP, which are all-season tires that work well in dry and wet conditions. There is also the Grabber AT2 for ATVs that provide superior traction and work well on paved roads and for off-roading. For those who ride their rigs on rough highway terrains, the Grabber HTS all-season tires provide more quiet, comfortable rides through their balance tread cushioning system.

    Where to Buy carries many brands of high performance truck and Jeep tires. Browse through our vast inventory of products and get advice through our online content, including our videos, blog and product reviews, or from our informed customer service staff. We specialize in providing off-road performance parts and accessories for your Jeep, truck, or SUV. We want to be your trusted partner and offer the lowest everyday prices, even doing price matches if you see lower advertised prices from our competitors. Orders over $75 get free shipping, and with six distribution centers across the country, we get your order to you fast.

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  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Michelin Tires

    Michelin’s series of truck tires features top-tier quality and performance. For premium truck tires from a trusted brand, Michelin truck tires lead the pack.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Jeep & Truck Tires - Off Road Tires

    Nothing says more about a vehicle than the Jeep or truck tires it rides on. We stock all the newest and top brands of truck tires from Pro Comp All Terrain tires to Super Swamper Mud Boggers, BFGoodrich ATs, and even ATV tires. All the latest truck tires are in stock in a variety of sizes.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Fierce Tires

    The Fierce Attitude M/T is making a name for itself in the mud! It's a mean, off-road tire that has an aggressive look and provides massive traction in the mud, yet is at home on the road. Take a closer look at this off-road tire and you will see why it is called the Attitude M/T. Features staggered shoulder blocks for enhanced grip in off-road driving conditions and has an aggressive mud terrain tread pattern for outstanding performance in deep mud conditions. Contemporary sidewall design with either black or raised white letter sidewall for enhanced on-vehicle appearance that has rim protector to help rims from accidental curb damage.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Radar Tires

    The Renegade R7 is a mud terrain tire that has been designed specifically for extreme off-road applications. This range fits SUVs and light trucks and is suitable for vehicles with lift-kits. It features a reinforced 3 ply casing for high durability and state-of-the-art Stone Ejector Technology which prevents stone retention and subsequent tire damage. An ideal choice for drivers who want no compromise with off-road traction and handling.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Fury Off-Road Tires

    Introducing the all new country hunter R/T. The new fury r/t brings the balance of highway & off-road together. the r/t gives a comfortable & quiet ride with excellent stopping on wet & snowy roads. integrated stone & mud ejectors gives the r/t offers superior off-road traction. perfect for an everyday use with confidence off-road.

  • Wholesale Truck & Jeep Tires - Latest Jeep & Truck Tires By Transamerican Wholesale Falken Tires

    Falken Tires

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