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Brush and Grill Guards by TransAmerican Wholesale

Find protection for your front bumper with brush or grill guards. Wide variety of configurations are available.

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  • Wholesale Brush & Grill Guards - Transamerican Wholesale Bumper Guard

    As a passionate rough riding enthusiast, you don’t mess around when it comes to your truck, SUV or Jeeps’ off-road capabilities. You’ve got the engine power and the heavy-duty tires, but is your machine’s exterior equipped with the best parts, such as bumper guards, to withstand the challenges you face when you leave the pavement to turn up rocky terrain, backwoods and muddy river banks? Fallen tree trunks, thick branches, jagged rocks and even other vehicles put your bumpers at risk for some serious damage, but 4 Wheel Parts has the armor you need for your truck, SUV or Jeep Wrangler off-road bumper to fend off the hazards and keep your exterior intact.

    Shield Your Off-Road Vehicle
    Get your bumper cage from an industry brand such as Go Rhino or Smittybilt to equip your vehicle with some serious safeguarding. These products don’t just protect your bumpers with professional grade steel construction, they look the part too with black, polished and other finishes to match your tough and rugged style. Choose a guard that allows for light mounting to keep the off-road adventure going strong through the night, or go with options that include sturdy d-ring mounts to get you out of sticky situations. Whatever your off-road riding needs, get the most functionality, muscle and style out of the bumper protection options we offer here at 4 Wheel Parts.

    Shield Your Wallet
    Durable materials, designs that match your ride and quality performance capabilities are just a few of the reasons to get your truck, SUV or Jeep bumper shield from 4 Wheel Parts. On top of that, these products and every other part or accessory you need for your machine come with best price guarantees when you shop with us. When you’re looking to improve the performance, safety or style of your vehicle, our expert advice can guide you to the best products at the best prices in the industry. Shop now!

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  • Wholesale Brush & Grill Guards - Transamerican Wholesale Grille Guards

    Grill Guards protect your vehicle from the riggers of urban life as well as the harsh world of off roading.

  • Wholesale Brush & Grill Guards - Transamerican Wholesale Brush Guards

    Protection for your vehicle with several types of Brush Guards to suit your style and off-road/on-road needs.

  • Wholesale Brush & Grill Guards - Transamerican Wholesale Headlight Guards

    Protect your headlights from off road damage as well as the riggers of urban life. Choose from many different styles to suit your needs.

  • Wholesale Brush & Grill Guards - Transamerican Wholesale Adapter kit

    Use the kits to help make mounting your grill guard a trouble free operation.

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